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This book, authored by Dr. Mohammad Mohammadipour, aims to enhance your English proficiency while fostering a positive and enriching learning experience.

Dr. Mohammadipour brings a wealth of experience to this course. He holds a PhD in English language teaching from the University of Putra Malaysia and has a distinguished background in positive psychology. His Farsi-language book, “The Miracle of Positive Psychology,” reflects his deep understanding of this field.

Adding to his impressive credentials, Dr. Mohammadipour has not only taught at the University of Tehran, one of Iran’s most prestigious universities, but also earned his Master’s degree there. His collaborations with prominent figures in language learning, both in Iran and abroad, further solidify his expertise.

This course is designed with the principles of positive education and positive psychology at its core. Building on these foundations, Dr. Mohammadipour has drawn inspiration from the renowned positive psychology course offered at Harvard University by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, a global leader in this field. The course content in this book is adapted from Dr. Ben-Shahar’s program, ensuring you’ll be exposed to cutting-edge approaches in positive learning.

We are confident that Dr. Mohammadipour’s guidance and the application of positive psychology principles will make your English language learning journey not only successful but also enjoyable and empowering. In addition to this course, Dr. Mohammadipour established the Nikpendar Positive Education Center (, a testament to his dedication to promoting positive learning in Iran.

Let’s begin your positive English learning adventure!


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