As one of the important pillars of NikPendar Holding, NikPendar Trading, International Services, and Education Center was launched and started operating in August 1402 by Dr. Mohammad Mohammadipour, the manager and founder of NikPendar Holding. Following the mission of NikPendar, which is based on honest efforts with a scientific approach in the direction of import and export development, international services, and publishing and knowledge development, this group operates in five departments. These departments include the export department, import department, positive education department, content production department, and international service department. In addition, considering the social responsibility that Nik Pandar Holding feels on its shoulders, as well as the development of valuable knowledge to increase the level of life satisfaction and appreciate the efforts of scientists and researchers in this new field of knowledge, this group tries to provide free educational services produced in the best scientific centers of the world to increase the level of life satisfaction of its customers, clients, and colleagues. Because Nikpendar considers his contacts as members of his family and cares deeply for them.